We Are A Social Gathering

Marion County Fairgrounds and Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Marion, Ohio

Many thanks to our Sponsors, Patrons, Exhibitors and Volunteers who make the Marion County Fair a success!

The Marion County Fair had been held every year in Marion since 1851! It is held during the first week of July with a glorifying fireworks show on July 4th. During Christmas, the fairgrounds displays a magnificent light show.

In 1950 the Veterans Memorial Coliseum on the fairgrounds was completed in honor of World War II veterans. The Veterans Memorial Coliseum and the Marion County Fairground have hosted many important people and events. The Coliseum is heated and has a great sound system. Many sporting events, social functions and business affairs have been performed there. Other structures on the fairgrounds include a 1,800 seat grandstand, a heated Evers Arena, beef barn, show area and log cabin.

Board of Directors, Management, Supervisor and Office Staff

The Marion County Fair Board meets on the 1st Monday of the month in the Coliseum Board Room at 7:30 pm.

Board Members

Front row (left to right): Keith Seckel, Jerry Criswell, Terry Swisher, Clyde Sappington, Mark McCabe, Karen Seckel, Matt Brewer, Steve Ruth, Tim Smith, Dave Dilsaver, Roger Baldinger, Candy Tripp, Robin Townsend, Dennis Monnette, Frank Addison, Kevin Criswell, Kyle Criswell, Larry Demorest, Kory Seckel, Tom Crawford, not pictures Randy Bennett, Jim Bosley, Rick Craycraft, John Neidhart, and Clairen Oldham.


  • Keith Seckel, President
  • Roger Baldinger, Vice President
  • Candy Tripp, Sec/Mgr

Trustees, Terms Expire in 2016

  • Frank Addison, Grand Township
  • Jim Bosley, Waldo Township
  • Jerry Criswell, Pleasant Township
  • Larry Demorest, Waldo Township
  • Dave Dilsaver, Montgomery Township
  • Clairen Oldham, Montgomery Township
  • Clyde Sappington, Big Island Township
  • Robin Townsend, Salt Rock Township

Trustees, Terms Expire in 2017

  • Randy Bennett, Salt Rock Township
  • Tom Crawford, Prospect Township
  • Rick Craycraft, Big Island Township
  • Dennis Monnette, Marion Township
  • John Neidhart, Pleasant Township
  • Kyle Criswell, Green Camp Township
  • Tim Smith, Marion Township
  • Terry Swisher, Scott Township

Trustees, Terms Expire in 2018

  • Roger Baldinger, Richland Township
  • Matt Brewer, Grand Prairie Township
  • Kevin Criswell, Green Camp Township
  • Mark McCabe, Pleasant Township
  • Steve Ruth, Green Camp Township
  • Karen Seckel, Claridon Township
  • Keith Seckel, Claridon Township
  • Kory Seckel, Claridon Township

Manager and Supervisor

  • Candy Tripp, Manager
  • Mike Tripp, Maintenance Supervisor

Office Staff

  • Susan Gorenflo, Secretary
  • Dee Cackler, Secretary